Eat the Bunny (eatthebunny) wrote,
Eat the Bunny

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hence the fence

this bunny doan care.

fucking hell-a shit bag.

it's a fearsome, loathsome thing.

sleep-easy a hundred years and more- all nought for kith and kin of sin has lain upon this burdened funny-bunny soul. it's like a necklace of skulls

that this bunny can't sell or lend or loan.

heavy heavy. no penitence, just the air of a bug dispenser - be gone.

welcome the rage no more. it is time for peace! PEACE! sleep, peace, at least lease the pieces of peace.

to me.
to me.
to me.

to i and me.

fearsome and loath-y-some - we want to trade for a nunce of compare and contrast. rather would like that zippy ZEE word.

and stop sharpening my teeth in the dark.
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